Why You Should Attend Tech Phenomenon As A PROGRAM MANAGER

Tech Phenomenon Is Coming To Dallas On August 10th-12th 2021. With Three Days Of Compelling Content, Conversation And Connection. Our Event Showcases The Best Of Technology, Innovation, And Creativity From Established Global Brands To Bleeding Edge Disruptors.

As The World's Largest Tech Event, A Single Investment Brings You The Value Of 15 Conferences, And 50 Separate Trade Shows. Not To Mention The Thousands Of Professionals From 50 Different Tech Sectors, Including Big Data Infrastructure , Will Be Eagerly Seeking To Connect.
For Those With An Interest In Thought Leadership, Tech Phenomenon Is Packed With Value Driven Opportunities For You And Your Brand To Establish Visibility And Make An Impression On Every Attendee. By Participating In This Massive Event, You Will Get An Opportunity As An Attendee, Exhibitor Or Sponsor To Drive Value And Bottom Line Returns.
Tech Phenomenon Is The Cost Effective Way To Broaden Your Network As You Acquire An In-depth Knowledge Of Advanced Practices And Familiarize Yourself With The Bleeding Edge Tools And Services. Are You Interested In Learning Different Aspects Of Technologies Impact On The Bottom Line? Or You Want To Explore Ways To Address The Technology Challenges You Face, The 15 Co-located Conferences Will Deliver The Absolute Best In Immersive Conference Experiences.
As A Professional, Tech Phenomenon Offers You An Excellent Opportunity To Connect With Your Peers From Around The World. Attend A Workshop, Host Potential Clients, Exhibit Your Expertise, Speak At A Session, Or Sponsor A Pavilion. No Matter Your Corporate Objective, Tech Phenomenon Is Unifying The Tech World.
Global Brands, Startups, Investors, Speakers, And Thought Leaders From 50 Sectors Of The Tech Industry Are Invited To Come Together For Three Days Of Connection, Innovation And Inspiration.

The Tech Phenom Conference Experience Is The Hub Where Engage With Attendees. It Is Strategically Designed With One Thing In Mind: Helping You Seamlessly Make Meaningful Connections With Our Attendees.
Our Conference Sponsorship Packages Range From Speaking Opportunities To Brand Positioning – And Cover Most Things In Between. So Whether You Want To Demonstrate Your Thought Leadership, Promote Your Key Messages To Tech Industry Decision-makers, Or Just Get To Know Potential Customers A Little Better, We’ve Got The Perfect Package For You.
Topics Include: Transportech, Startups, Development, Saas And Cloud, Q&A, Martech, Big Data Infrastructure , Data Science, Ai, Innovation, Healthtech, Growth, Edutech, Capital, Venture, Smart Cities, Mobile And Mobility, And Content

Sub-topics Include : Data Science, Machine Learning, Ai, Open Data, Data Design, Iot, 5g, Acquisitions, Innovation Labs, Joint Ventures, Trends, Growth, Funding, Scaling, Ecosystems, Devops, Containers, Open Source, Security, Banking, Payments, Lending, Insurance And Risk, Agencies, Sustainability, Cloud, Big Data, Enterprise Tech And Security, And Many More

Why You Can't Miss This
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The Conference Experience, Where Technology And Business Connect, Brings Together Experts From The Industry To Give You The Most Useful And Up-to-date Information Available.

As A Sponsor, Your Company Gains High-profile Exposure And Makes A Powerful
Impression On Every Attendee.
From Premier Exposure As An Important Technology Leader And Influencer And
Sponsorships To A Wide Array Of High-impact Branding And Visibility Opportunities,
Including Premium Booth Displays, A Tech Phenomenon Sponsorship
Builds Awareness For Your Brand, Increases Booth Traffic, And Places Your Company
Among The Industry’s Key Leaders And Influencers.

Establish Your Company As A Tech Industry Leader
When It Comes To Building Your Brand, Increasing Your Exposure And Growing Your
Sales, Nothing Works Like The Phenomenal Experience Created At Tech Phenomenon.
To Maximizing Your Impact Before, During, And After The Event, Nothing Works Like Becoming One Of Our Cutting Edge Sponsors.

We Offer A Variety Of Ways To Stand Out From The Competition And Drive Business To
Your Company And Your Booth. With A Mix Of Affordable, Effective Advertising And
Promotional Opportunities, You’re Guaranteed The Right Buyers Will Come Looking
For You!

Maximize Participation With Premium Visibility
Tech Phenomenon Attracts Thousands Of Qualified Buyers With High-level Purchasing Power Looking For The Latest Products, Trends And Ideas For The Future Success Of Their Business.

Sponsorships Offer Your Company The Opportunity To Gain Exposure, High Visibility And Name Recognition To This Targeted Audience. This Show Will Attract Relevant, Decision Making Attendees And Give You The Chance To Stand Out Among The Hundreds Of Other Exhibitors Showcasing Their Products.

Every Sponsorship Includes:
-pre Event Marketing
From Day One Your Company Receives Pre-event Marketing Like Website Positioning, Social Media Promotion, And Press Releases.
-conference Experience
Plenty Of Full Conference Passes, Booth Staff Passes And Discount Codes To Invite Clients Are Included In Every Sponsorship.
-message Delivery
Workshops, Sessions, And Breakouts Are A Few Of The Opportunities To Deliver Your Message To An Eager And Qualified Audience.
-on-site Marketing
High Profile Branding Opportunities To Create Your Presence At The Event Will Give You The Exposure You Need.
-expo Experience
Prime Booth Spaces In The Highest Traffic Areas Are Just One Of The Many Benefits Included In Every Sponsorship.
-phenom Live
Deliver Your Message Across The Room, Across Town, Or Around The World With Phenom Live Content Streaming 24-7 Around The Event.
-post-conference Marketing
Extend Your Influence After The Event Has Closed Its Doors With Creative And Smartly Positioned Opportunities To Connect With Everyone.

Conference Overviews
From Can’t Miss Keynotes To Real-world Perspectives, It All Happen On The Center Stage.
Each Session Provides Insights From The Visionaries Helping To Shape The World And Teams That Crush Obstacles In Every Organizations Path. No Sales Pitch And Vendor Hype.
Sessions Are Presented By Proven Practitioners, Forward-thinking Innovation And It Executives As Well As Respected Industry Thought Leaders.
Data Gathers Data Scientists, Analysts And Engineers To Give Us Their Take On A Data-driven World.Today’s World Is Driven By Data. At Data We’ll Gather Engineers, Data Scientists, Analysts And Hackers To Explore Its Possibilities. Discover The Latest And Most Interesting Applications Of Data Science Today, And More Importantly, Tomorrow. Data Is A Dedicated Track For All Things Data. Meet The World’s Leading Data Scientists And Find Out The Trends That Shape The Industry.
Data Science
One Of Tech’s Favourite Topics. From Data’s Application In Decision-making To Its Potential In The World Of Marketing, If You’re Planning To Disrupt An Industry With Data Science, This Is One Track You Won’t Want To Miss.
Ai And Machine Learning
Developments In Ai And Machine Learning Are Getting Ever Faster. Deepen Your Knowledge About The Ways In Which These Technologies Impact Our World And Join The Conversation About The Best Use For This Powerful Tech In The Future.
Open Data
The Anonymisation Of Public Data Is Here And You Can Learn To Harness Its Potential To Help You Make The Best Decisions For Your Business. Learn To Leverage This Resource To Gain Valuable Insights And Be Inspired By Those Who Are Already Succeeding At It.
Data Design And Ui
Data Is Only Useful When It’s Comprehensible. Best Practices In Visualisation Help Us Make Sense Of Massive Amounts Of Information. Get Familiar With Cutting Edge Platforms And Tools, And Find Out About Trends In Data, Design And Analytics.
Innovation Explores The Innovation Within Businesses With The People At The Forefront Of 21st-century Enterprise. This Track Gathers The Leaders Dealing With The Biggest Challenges Facing Business Today To Find A Way Forward By Diving Into The Future Of Corporations And Exploring Current Trends.
We’ll Focus On How The World’s Biggest Top Corporations Are Acquiring Competitors & Startup, Why Buyouts Happen And How, And The Impact Corporate Venture Capital And Private Equity Sector Is Having On Deal Flow.
Innovation Labs
Learn About The Research & Development And Marketing Strategies Of Some Of The World’s Largest Corporate Innovation Labs, And How Data And New Marketing Sciences Are Fuelling Ai, Blockchain, Vr And Quantum Computing.
Joint Ventures
A Well-executed Partnership Can Mark A Turning Point In A Company’s History, With Potentially Massive Results Over A Long Period Of Time. You Will Learn About What Happens When A Major
Corporation Knocks On Your Door To Partner, How Mergers Are Executed And How Startup Accelerators Can Unearth Diamonds In The Rough.
Future Trends
Every Day Brings More “Top Tech Trends”, But Which Ones Are Likely To Stick? What Should Your Business React To And What Should It Ignore? We’re Looking Ahead And Discussing The Developments That Will Change The Way We Do Things, From Virtual Reality To Artificial Intelligence.
Stack Is A Gathering Of Innovators, Data Scientists, Coders And Engineers Programming The Future. Join Heads Of Industry From All Across The Globe As They Share Their Knowledge About The Most Sought-after Technologies And Their Reflections On The Ethics And Impact Of Code.
Explore The Ways In Which The Movement Has Influenced Work. Discover New Ways In Which Devops Can Be Used To Boost Productivity And Successfully Scale Businesses, And Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Its Principles
Security And Compliance
What Is Being Done To Protect Individuals And Organizations Online? Legislation To Regulate The Use Of Private Data, As Well As An Increased Allocation Of Resources To Cybersecurity, Are Just Some Of The Topics Covered.
Open Source
Tech Companies Are Writing Open Source Software, Which Government Agencies And Organizations Across The Globe Use On A Regular Basis. We Explore The Benefits, The Risks And The Best Practices When Creating Or Implementing Open Source Code In Your Projects Or Business.
Growth Brings Together The Founders And Leaders Of The World’s Highest Growth Companies. These Are The Companies Of Tomorrow. Growth Gathers The Leaders Of The Fastest
Growing Companies On Earth. These Are The People Drawing The Blueprints For The Future Of Technology.
Growth Welcomes The Companies Experiencing Explosive Growth Onstage. Founders And Ceos Share Their Advice And Experiences Of Running A High-growth Startup, Managing Scale And
Surviving The Day-to-day Running Of Their Companies.
Initial Growth Is Promising, But How Can You Sustain And Accelerate The Growth Rate Of Your Startup? How Can Your Company Reach The Levels Of The Super Startups That Have Come Before?
Explore The Ins And Outs Of Funding – What Part Should It Play In Your Company, And Where Should You Look For Those Funding Rounds That Will Take Your Startup To The Upper Tier Of Growth?
When It Comes To Accelerating Growth, It Can Be Hard To Stick To A Plan. Hear From The Leaders Who’ve Made Mistakes And Experienced The Benefits Of A Well-scaled Business.
Is Growth Affected By A Company’s Whereabouts? Leaders Of High Growth Startups Share The Impact Of Local Tech Climate On A Company’s Early Success.
Capital Is Where The World’s Leading Banks, Tech Firms And Disruptive Startups Meet.
Capital Is A Uniquely Curated Fintech Track Which Gathers The World’s Top Investors, Startups And World-leading Names In The Banking Industry. This Is Where You Can Meet The Giants And Disruptors Developing The Technology That’s Changing The Way We Interact With Money.Let’s Talk Business The Fintech Way. Technology Has Disrupted All Areas Of Finance From Day-to-day Commerce To Insurance, Security And Investment.
We All Know The Banking Industry Is Transforming. But Only Those Who Embrace Change Will Excel At The Challenges That New Competitors Present. What Can The Banking Heavyweights Do To
Stay Relevant In The Game With These New Rules?
Payments And Ecommerce
Commercial Transactions Are Now Easier And Faster Than Ever, But What’s Next? Discover What The World’s Top Payment Providers Have Envisioned For The Future And What It Will Mean For Businesses And Consumers.
Credit And Lending
Alternative Platforms Are Reshaping Credit And Lending As We Know It. Explore The Changes And Trends That Are Redefining The Way Companies And Individuals Access Capital, And The Emerging
Options That Compete With Traditional Channels.
The Biggest Names In Insurance Are Next In Line For Digital Disruption. How Will Tech Transform One Of The World’s Oldest Industries, And What Differentiates Emerging Services From The Big
Global Giants,Cmos, International Brands And Adtech Startups Explore How Tech Has Transformed The Industry. Forget What You’ve Learned About Marketing As We Explore How Tech Has Transformed The Industry. Global Giants, Cmos, Brands And Adtech Startups Dive Into The
New Landscape.
Data And Ai
From Changing The Meaning Of The Personal Touch With Chatbots To Individualising Every Service, Data And Ai Continue Their Infiltration Of The Marketing World. Marketing Leaders Discuss Where We’re Headed.
What Role Do Agencies Play In Today’s Marketing Landscape? With Adtech Reaching New Heights, Can Human Experience And Creativity Still Come Out On Top When It Comes To Relating To
Adtech And Martech
Adtech And Martech Mean That We Have More Customer Insights Than Ever Before, But With This Comes A Louder Cry For Privacy Regulations. How Can The Industry Overcome Data Transparency
Issues And Play Fair With Customer Data?
Brands And Digital Marketing
As Consumers Continue To Demand More From Their Chosen Brands, We’ll Be Examining The Ways Companies Are Rising To The Challenge. With Consumer Preferences Changing Rapidly, How Can Companies Build A Solid Customer Relationship?
Our Cities Are Facing The Biggest Challenges Yet. Leading Companies, Innovators, Startups And Activists Put Their Heads Together At Citysmarts
The Tables Turn As You Take Control Of The Conversation. Our Biggest Speakers Answer Your Burning Questions On Our Q + A Stage.Where Else Would You Get The Chance To Quiz The Best Known Ceos, Founders And Business Execs In Tech? Our Q+A Stage Adds Your Voice To The Conversation As You Get Answers To The Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask.
Saasy Looks Ahead With Some Of The Biggest Players In The Industries Of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Security, Customer Service And Enterprise Technology.The Meeting Place Of The Technology
Companies Altering Our Day-to-day Working Lives. Saasy Looks Ahead With Some Of The Biggest Players In The Industries Of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Security, Marketing, Customer Service And
Enterprise Technology.
Cloud Computing Is The Cornerstone Of Future Business, But How Smoothly Can We Transition From Old Methods To New? Hear From The Companies Implementing The Cloud On A Major Scale.
Big Data
Rising Demand For Up-to-the-minute, High Quality Data Has Put Saas Companies Under More Pressure Than Ever Before. How Can Big Data Be Harnessed And Applied In The Most Effective Way?
Enterprise Technology
Technologies Like Digital Assistants, Iot And Machine Learning Have Taken Their Place In The Daily Workings Of Businesses Globally. Do They Represent Revolutionary Technology Or Just This Year’s
Collection Of Buzzwords?
Enterprise Security
Cloud Security Is Throwing Challenges At Us That We’ve Never Experienced. When Every Device In Your Home And Company Is Interconnected, We’re Going To Need A Whole New Way Of Looking At Security.
Taking The Plunge With Your Startup Idea? Listen To Advice From Founders, Ceos And Investors At Startup.You’re Following The Same Path As Startups That Became The World’s Largest Companies. Take Advice From Founders, Ceos And Investors At Startup, And See How They Got From Where You Are To Where They Are.
Starting A Startup
You’ve Got The Idea, What’s Holding You Back? This Content Stream Explores The Things You Need To Know Before Taking That Leap, And The Tips Founders Wish They’d Heard Before They Started.
Is Funding The Next Step For Your Startup? And If So, What’s The Best Way To Convince Potential Investors. Founders, Ceos And Investors Share Their Tips For The Perfect Pitch, And What They’re Looking To See From An Investment.
Managing Growth Can Be A Startup’s Biggest Challenge. From Your Customer Base To Your Team, Learn To Keep Your Company’s Growth Sustainable Without Affecting Your Momentum.
9 Out Of 10 Startups Don’t Succeed. Hear From The Other 10% At Startup. Take The Advice From The Most Successful Founders Out There And Learn How You Can Join The Top Tier Of Startups.
Venture Brings The Most Influential Investors From Top International Funds Together With Leading Angels, Accelerators And Lps.The Meeting Place For The Entire Investor Ecosystem, Venture Is Where You’ll Hear From The People With The Inside Track On The Future Of
Getting To Yes
Hear From The World’s Top Investors As They Tell Us Why They Choose To Invest In Their Portfolio Companies, What Their Major Investment Red Flags Are, What Makes A Compelling Team, And What Growth Models Are Convincing Them To Say Yes.
Lp Fundraising
Leading Lps Gather To Discuss The Industries And Markets They’re Backing, The Returns They’re Expecting, And Top Persuasion Tips For The First-time Fund Managers Looking For Their Backing.
Trends And Predictions
What Will The Venture Capital Industry And Funding Look Like In 2025? Top Tech Vcs Tell Us What’s Exciting Them, Where They’re Seeing Returns, What Areas Of Tech They’re Placing They’re Bets On,
And The Tech Trends They’re Avoiding.
Getting To Exit
How Should Lps Build Their Portfolios To Get The Best Return On Investment? Vcs And Unicorn Founders Get Together To Discuss Best Practices In Managing Funding Rounds, When To Raise And How To Know When To Get The Best Exit.
Hear What The Future Holds For Products, Apps And Tools To Enhance Teaching Practices And Improve Learning Outcomes.

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