The TECH PHENOMENON relies on a network of partners to make our events great! If you’re interested in partnering below are some available opportunities:

*Media Partner Opportunity

*Association Partner Opportunity

*Business Chamber Partner Opportunity

*LinkedIn Group Partner Opportunity


Our goal is to ensure that elements provided are of relatively equal value to what is received in return. Dollar values of all elements are provided for your convenience. However, some element value can be matched in other ways.


Swap ad space, publication insertions, sponsored posts, social media mentions, emails and messaging, podcasts and video.


Partners can earn revenue shares on referrals for attendance, exhibiting, and sponsorships.


We can issue discount codes that are redeemable by your members for significant discounts on all our offerings.


You can have the opportunity to purchase pavilion exhibit space at a discount and provide it to your members.

Media Partner Opportunity

Media Partnership gives you access to our delegates through a range of pre-event and on-site branding opportunities, as well as giving you a targeted platform to drive your membership or subscriber acquisition campaigns.

Association Partner Opportunity

Local or National Trade Associations are welcome to apply to be official Association Partners at upcoming TECH PHENOMENON events to give your association and members exclusive benefits.

Business Chamber Partner Opportunity

Local Business Chambers across North America are able to apply to be official Business Chamber Partners at the TECH PHENOMENON and be eligible to offer your members discounted rates, referral earnings on member registrations and other benefits.

LinkedIn Group Partner Opportunity

If you are owner of a LinkedIn Group that relates to the Tech industry then you are eligible to be an official LinkedIn Group Partner and offer your members exclusive discounts and other benefits, such as referral earnings.